Hi Fellow Gamers!


Mayhem in the Mountains is only 6 weeks away and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone! Below is a big tournament update. 


First up here are some important dates coming soon!


Payments are due 8-24 to stay at the $50. Please get those in right away if you haven’t paid. After the 24th the cost goes to $60. ***Make sure to send payment as Friends and Family, so we aren’t charged fees! 


We have room for 30 generals but can expand to 40. We’ll need to know if going over 30 by the 1st week in September. The only way to secure your spot is to pay. 


Lists are due 9-7. We plan to have a YouTube list review and need them 2 weeks in advance to check the lists and get the review video ready. Please submit lists using Army Builder or BattleScribe. If you don’t have a list program type your list. Please, no handwritten lists. 


Grudge Matches are due by 9-18. We plan to have all pairing posted by 9-21. Grudge Matches are highly encouraged and only have 1 so far. Pete and David are going to have an Epic Dwarf vs. Dwarf battle to settle some old scores! Make sure both players agree to the Grudge Match and let us know who you want to fight 1st round. For everyone not in a Grudge Match, we will pair players according to how they performed in past Mayhem events and other regional tournaments. The first round no club mates will face off. After round one all pairings will be done by Battle Points and club matchups will only be avoided if they don’t affect pairings by causing players with more than a 5 point gap to play each other. 


The Brewery booked another party for Friday night, so we will not be able to set up early and drink beer at the venue ☹. Denver has lots of things to do and I suggest anyone looking for activities to post on our Facebook page. I’m sure there will be several Generals ready to party before the gaming starts. 


We are going to reserve tables for an evening meal at the Brewery Saturday night for everyone wanting to eat, drink and recap war stories. Let us know when you submit your list if you want to RSVP for the meal. Additionally, the brewery may set up a buffet for lunch at $10-$15 per person if we get enough interest. Sorry, we can not include the buffet cost in the tournament fee. I’ll set up a poll on the Facebook to see how much interest we have for the buffet and if this option if feasible. The more interested, the lower their meal cost will be. 


See here for the  Full Rules and Painting Rubric.  Also check out the Scenarios and Map Pack. That should be everything you need to make the final adjustments to those lists! 


Sportsmanship is going to be scored a bit different this year. In the past, most players were within 3-4 points on sportsmanship and the scores didn’t affect the overall points that much for such an important category. There will be a total possible score of 25 points. Each player will have the ability to score 3 points per game (15 total) from their opponent plus finishing the game through round 5 and turning their results in on time. A result of 15 is a full sportsmanship score and what we are hoping most players will reach. The other ten points possible come from best game votes. 


The 3 points per game are Yes or No answers with a Yes earning 1 point:
+1 Did my opponent show up on time, provide me a printed copy of his/her list and have all needed gaming supplies.
+1 Did my opponent play fairly, timely and calmly discussed any rule disputes.
+1 Did we finish through at least 5 rounds and turn in our results within 10 minutes of dice down.


Finally, each player will nominate 2 opponents they feel most deserve the best sportsmanship from their 5 games. Each of these votes is worth +2 sportsmanship votes and the bonus points will allow players to reach a maximum of 25 points. 


That’s it for now. Test those lists, prepare for battle and we’ll see everyone soon!




Mike and Karen Lies