2018 First Round Match-ups

Here are the first round match-ups:

Grudge Matches

Table 1 David Otero vs Pete Reese

Table 2 Jurand Szwaja vs Kurt Armstrong

Table 3 Ro Nevarez vs Kenyon Duncan

Regular Matches

Table 4 Justin Burgy vs Jeff Durham

Table 5 Ryan Dorsey vs Jeremy Schweitzer

Table 6 Jeremy Gottshcalk vs Pablo Wilink

Table 7 James Starr vs Wesley King

Table 8 Jake Murphy vs Gabe Thorn

Table 9 Neil Hamilton vs Rob Nevarez

Table 10 Cody Mattson vs Josh Gurin

Table 11 Jon Pike vs Noah Doresy

Table 12 Thomas Moulton vs Joel Flint

List Are Due Friday

Hi Gamers!

Mayhem in the Mountains is just over 2 weeks away and we’re very excited to see everyone!

Lists are due this Friday. Please send them over using a program like Army Builder or BattleScribe. If you don’t have access to either of these programs type your list (no hand-written lists).

Our trophies are in and look great! We have 13 awards this year.

We’ll see everyone in a couple weeks!