Mayhem in the Mountains GT 2016

Come finish out your 2016 tournament circuit in Beautiful Colorado at Denver’s First Annual Mayhem in the Mountains GT! Join us on the weekend of October 8th and 9th, 2016 for this 2 day, 5 round event! Tournament will feature the 9th Age Fantasy Rules and be held in Kirk Hall at the Douglass County Fair Grounds. Army lists are 2500 points and will use the latest 9th Age rule set unless released after 9-16-2016. 


Tournament Information

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Date: October 8th & 9th, 2016

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Location: Kirk Hall at the Douglass County Fair Grounds. 500 Fairgrounds Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80104

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Cost: $50 per person. 

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Army List: 2500 points using all 9th Age army books. This is an Open List Tournament. The newest 9th Age Rules Set will be used unless released after 9-16-2016.

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Registration: We have room for 30 gamers. Register Here

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Scenarios: The scenarios will be posted by July 1st.

9th-Age-Gold-Star-Small  Lodging: Coming soon!